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best diet for PCOS

A PCOS Nutrition Episode

What’s the best diet for PCOS?

Depends who you ask! You might see that you “have to” eat gluten- and dairy-free for PCOS. That you should eat low carb or keto. Does glycemic index matter? On the other hand you might see that you should give up all animal products and go 100% plant-based. You may even see that Intermittent Fasting is the secret key when it comes to managing insulin resistance and PCOS.  Should you count calories? Macros? Anything?

No wonder there’s so much confusion!

In this episode I’m breaking down the research that does exist in PCOS nutrition, combined with my experience of working with thousands of women with PCOS, to share what actually works when it comes to managing PCOS with diet (hint: there is no best diet for PCOS… there’s only the best diet for YOU).

This Week I Talk About: 

  • Existing and emerging research in PCOS nutrition, including low-calorie diets, low-carb / keto diets, low-glycemic diets, anti-inflammatory / Mediterranean diets, vegan / plant-based diets, and intermittent fasting / caloric timing
  • Why you don’t need to cut out any foods (even dairy and gluten) based solely on a PCOS diagnosis
  • The problem with trendy “30-day fixes” or “75-day challenges”
  • The common threads in “successful” PCOS diets and the ones that weren’t so successful
  • Why the best diet for PCOS is one that is individualized to your needs and goals


Mentioned in this episode

Losing Weight with PCOS – In this NEW live workshop & Q&A happening June 15th at 7 PM EST, we’ll talk about all the reasons WHY it’s so hard to lose weight with PCOS, why focusing on the scale is the WRONG approach, and what to focus on instead – and the best part is it doesn’t involve giving up ANY of your favorite foods. It’s happening June 15th and it WILL be recorded if you can’t make it live, but of course you’ll want to show up live to get YOUR questions answered! Register today HERE.


Read my blog post on why it’s so hard to lose weight with PCOS here.

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