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Burnout and Stress

A Stress and Burnout Episode

Real quick – what’s your stress level right now? Did you know that stress and burnout can wreak havoc on your hormones and fertility?

In this episode, I’m talking to Callie Exas, a burnout and fertility dietitian about what burnout is, how to know if you’re in it, and most importantly — how to heal from it.

Callie has built her business around helping women heal from burnout to optimize their fertility. She’s a NYC-area dietitian and personal trainer, who like me, takes a non-BS approach to nutrition and wellness and is not afraid to share and unpopular opinion on current wellness trends.

Her mission is to create a world where women stop worrying about their jean size so that they have the energy, stamina, and resilience to take down the patriarchy. Something I can totally get behind!

She focuses on healing your connection to self and helping you learn how to be your own best advocate, which starts with how you eat, sleep, manage mental energy, and move your body. And you KNOW she’s a fan of boundaries!

Callie shares not only her expert tips on healing from burnout but a bit on her own personal journey and how her relationship with work and her business has changed after having a baby.

This Week We Talk About: 

  • How Callie escaped the grind of NYC advertising to become a personal trainer and dietitian
  • How the process of becoming a dietitian led to deep burnout… and delving into the research on how to heal
  • The difference between burnout and being stressed out
  • How society and culture contribute to burnout in women
  • Why “hustle” is a dirty word
  • Signs and symptoms of burnout
  • How feeding ourselves nourishing meals is self care at its most basic
  • How to set boundaries to allow us to perform the self-care we need to thrive
  • How the postpartum period changed her relationship with work
  • Easy tips to make time for eating well


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Where to find Callie Exas MPH RDN CPT

Women’s Health Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Website: www.CALLIEEXAS.com

Instagram: @the.burnout.dietitian

Callie’s Free Burnout & Fertility Masterclass


Read my blog post on cycle tracking here.

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