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A PCOS Weight Loss Episode

This week we’re diving into a common problem for people with PCOS – weight loss. Many people struggle to lose weight without making their PCOS symptoms worse, and it’s one of the most common reasons people want to work with a PCOS dietitian. People want to know why and how people are losing weight with PCOS. 

With PCOS, it’s not as easy as calories in/calories out or hopping on the latest diet trend. There are many factors that affect the ability to lose weight with PCOS and each patient has their own set of needs and goals, so it’s impossible to offer blanket advice for how to lose weight with PCOS. And, depending on who you follow, you may even wonder if you’re wrong to even WANT to lose weight.

That’s why I wanted to bring in a guest expert who has a whole program built around how EXACTLY to lose weight with PCOS.

Meet Cory Ruth, a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, and women’s health expert. Cory is the founder and principal of The Women’s Dietitian and Instagram account @thewomensdietitian, a private practice and digital platform for women seeking nutrition support for hormone balance, PCOS, fertility, and weight management. She specializes in PCOS and nutrition therapy for infertility and assisted reproductive technology. In this episode, we talk about how women with PCOS can ACTUALLY lose weight — without making their PCOS symptoms worse.

In this episode, we talk about

  • Cory’s experiences as a dietitian with PCOS
  • WHY it’s so hard for people with PCOS to lose weight
  • Why keto diets and intermittent fasting don’t work for people with PCOS
  • How to have realistic expectations around weight as a woman with PCOS
  • Which practical and sustainable lifestyle changes you can make to lose weight and improve your health 


Mentioned in this episode

PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy Workshop – In this hour-long workshop, I break down what foods you want to include for PCOS and what you may want to consider avoiding or minimizing. Learn my simple 3 step formula for planning meals with PCOS. 


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Where to find Cory Ruth, MS, RDN:

The Women’s Dietitian

Website: www.thewomensdietitian.com

Instagram: @thewomensdietitian

FacebookThe Women’s Dietitian

LinkedIn: The Women’s Dietitian

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