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Endometriosis nutrition

An Endometriosis Nutrition Episode

Like most women’s health issues, endometriosis is complicated! It can take years to receive a proper diagnosis, we still don’t have a good understanding of the underlying causes and triggers, and conventional medicine treatment options are surgery or heavy duty medications. Fortunately nutrition and lifestyle can make a real difference in symptom intensity, but what diet is best for endometriosis? Today we’re talking to fertility and endometriosis nutrition expert, Stefanie Valakas, APD, about endometriosis nutrition.

Stef is a fertility dietitian & nutritionist and founder of The Dietologist. She and her virtual practice team are dedicated to excellence in nutrition for reproductive health concerns, fertility & pregnancy. Her passion for nutrition in this space has truly grown from her experience helping her clients online from around the world and also through her own personal experiences of navigating a diagnosis of endometriosis.  

This Week We Talk About: 

  • How Stefanie got interested in preconception nutrition by starting our working in pediatrics
  • How specializing in fertility nutrition led to Stefanie’s own diagnosis with endometriosis
  • Why overlapping GI conditions and vague symptoms make getting diagnosed with endometriosis difficult
  • Why there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to endometriosis nutrition
  • Easy tips for incorporating an anti-inflammatory endometriosis diet and lifestyle plan
  • What foods you DON’T need to avoid and what you might want to consider avoiding
  • Lifestyle factors that can impact endometriosis


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Where to find Stefanie Valakas, APD

Women’s Health Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Website: thedietologist.com.au

Instagram: @the_dietologist and @endo.nutrition

Facebook Pages: The Dietologist and The Endometriosis Dietitian

Podcast: Fertility Friendly Food


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