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What is functional and integrative medicine?

Functional medicine addresses the root causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach, rather than on treating the symptoms alone. Functional medicine is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that takes into account the unique genetic makeup of each person, along with internal (body & mind) and external (physical & social) factors. Integrative medicine focuses on the whole person and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.  When you work with us, we use a food-as-medicine approach and consider your entire lifestyle.

Do you work with men?

We specialize in “female” hormones, so we work with any person who has a uterus and/or ovaries.

Do you work with women going through perimenopause or menopause?

Not at this time unless you also have PCOS.

Do you do single sessions?

Due to the chronic nature of hormone-driven conditions and the importance of gradual, sustainable changes, we only work with people who demonstrate commitment in packages versus single one-off sessions. However, we DO offer single-focus sessions for former clients who just want to check in if something has changed, those who are US based and want a second opinion on testing or a quick supplement review. We do ask that you limit your area of focus to a single thing you want to work on during these sessions. Email us at support@thehormonedietitian.com and we can send you an appropriate booking link based on your needs.

Do you take insurance?

No. We do accept HSA/FSA cards and can provide invoices for you to submit to your insurance company.

Do you have an office if I want to meet you in person?

We used to but no longer do, as even our local clients preferred meeting via telehealth.

Do you offer educational sessions to other RDs?

Not at this time. For information about starting a private practice, please read Tips & Tools for Starting a Private Practice. Follow @the.marketing.dietitian on Instagram for tips for RDs. If you are a member of DIFM, you can find my RD-facing PCOS CPE article under archived newsletters (Fall 2019) and my PCOS nutrition webinar under archived webinars (https://integrativerd.org/home).

Do you work with clients outside of the US?

No. Melissa is only credentialed in the US. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What’s the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist or health coach?

A dietitian has received rigorous education including a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from an accredited university, 1200 hours of supervised practice, and has passed a national board examination in order to get credentialed and qualify for licensure. Additionally, continuing education hours are required in order to remain credentialed. In some states (including New Hampshire), dietitians are the only nutrition professionals who can legally give personalized nutrition advice. While many nutritionists do have some education, there are no standardized requirements to call yourself a nutritionist or health coach, and in most states there is no licensure pathway. Working with a registered dietitian is the only way to know for sure that the person you are working with has received extensive education in nutrition, biology, anatomy & physiology, food safety & science, drug & nutrient interactions, disease states, and more.

Do you work with women with thyroid disorders?

Only in the context of PCOS or fertility issues. If Hashimoto’s, hypothyroid, or Graves disease is your only diagnosis, we are not currently working with those types of patients at this time.

How does working with you work?

Currently our only one-on-one offer is our Answers Programs for PCOS, hormones, or fertility. You get 1 x 1-hour assessment appointment via telehealth, we order condition-specific labs, then once your labs come in we book a 1 x 1-hour followup call to go over your results in detail and you receive a written summary and customized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocol as well as suggested next steps. Everything takes place on a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted platform.

We also offer group coaching upgrades as part of our 2 signature programs, The PCOS Root Cause Roadmap™ and The Period Problems Root Cause Roadmap.

How much do your packages cost?

We do not post prices on our website. Prices range from least (The PCOS Root Cause Roadmap – limited access to Melissa) to 3-month one-on-one programs (3 months of access to Melissa). If you are serious about gaining control of your health and fertility and interested in learning more, sign up for the waitlist to have a free 30-minute call with Melissa.

How do virtual appointments work?

We use a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted platform for all communications, including video chat appointments. You can log in using your computer or phone and it’s just like talking face to face. Most of our clients, including local clients, appreciate the convenience and the time it saves.

Do you make your clients track their food?

Melissa does not believe in counting, weighing, or measuring anything — not calories, not macros, not grams. In our 3-month programs (not currently available) you use a simple digital food journal to upload a picture through the app and Melissa reviews your entries daily, giving you real-time feedback on what you’re eating and offering actionable suggestions.

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