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hormone TESTING

Stop letting your periods run your life!

Are you tired of fighting to get your doctor to test your hormones only to be told “everything is normal” when you don’t FEEL normal? Yeah, we get it.

At The Hormone Dietitian, we understand that you want to be as in control of your hormones as you are in all the other aspects of your life, and you don’t need cyclical symptoms dragging you down. In order to do that, you need to identify the root causes of your hormonal conditions such as PMS, PMDD, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, and more.

The problem is there IS no one right diet, “hormone balancing” supplement regimen, or TikTok hormone hack that’s going to work for all women struggling with hormone issues, and you don’t have the time to sort through and try all of the conflicting information yourself, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

We believe you shouldn’t have to follow restrictive diets, eat weird foods, buy questionable supplements, or go on the pill to have symptom-free periods.

We understand that conventional medicine doesn’t always help, which is why we’ve helped thousands of women balance their hormones with a more natural approach. We utilize at-home urine hormone testing, gut testing, and other lab work to help you identify and address the root causes of YOUR hormone imbalances.

*We are only available to work with women located in the U.S. Signed waivers required in NY, NJ. Not available in MD or RI. 


“Melissa has been the only professional that has explained to me what’s going on with my hormones and also made good recommendations to improve the issues.”

– Carolina P

Melissa Groves Azzaro Hormone Dietitian

Here’s how we do it:

Order your test, take it at home at a specific point in your cycle, and mail it in

Receive a video interpretation and walk through of your results

Get a customized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocol based on your results

DUTCH Mini Program

You can stop having symptomatic periods and instead experience normal, pain-free periods.


The DUTCH Complete Test is the most comprehensive method of testing and measures your sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites, as well as organic acids. It is a urine test taken in the comfort of your own home, 5-7 days after ovulation or 1 week prior to the start of your next period. (If you are NOT currently sure if you’re ovulating, we will give you instructions on when to take the test.)

Markers tested:

  • Sex hormones – All 3 estrogens (not just estradiol!), Progesterone, and Testosterone
  • Hormone metabolites – how you’re detoxing your hormones – there are 3 detoxification pathways and only 1 is good!
  • 24-hour cortisol & cortisol metabolites and cortisone – to measure your response to stress
  • DHEA & DHEA-S – adrenal stress hormones and androgens
  • Melatonin – sleep
  • Dopamine – focus neurotransmitter
  • Norepinephrine / epinephrine – acute stress hormones
  • Nutritional organic acids for B12, B6, and glutathione (necessary for proper hormone production and detoxification)
  • NEW markers for biotin, neuroinflammation, and gut dysbiosis


  • DUTCH Complete Test (or upgrade to Cycle Map), shipping & lab processing fees – $525-$675 value
  • The Hormone Dietitian’s specialized test instruction video
  • Video walk-through of your results in detail  – $597 value
  • Written, personalized nutrition, lifestyle & supplement protocol based on your results – $597 value
  • 20% discount off recommended supplements through Fullscript 

Once you place your order and complete the paperwork, we will ship the test directly to your home and send you our video instructions on how to take the test. After your results are in our portal (14-21 business days after shipping), we will record a personalized video walk-through of your results in detail and send you your written customized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan. Please allow 6-8 weeks from the time you ship your test in until the time you receive your results, personalized video, and personalized protocol.

Practice Better is our encrypted, HIPAA-compliant practice portal where we will send and receive all of your information.


  • You have PCOS, even if you’re not having regular cycles
  • OR you have symptoms of hormone imbalance like PMS, period cramps or heavy bleeding, acne, hair loss, weight gain, fatigue
  • OR you think you’re in perimenopause and are having symptoms like irregular cycles, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and brain fog (we recommend the Cycle Map for perimenopause)
  • You’re looking specifically for answers about YOUR hormone symptom root causes


  • Those on hormonal birth control pills
  • Those who have had a total hysterectomy
  • Those who are looking for overall root causes such as insulin resistance, inflammation, fertility markers, gut issues, etc – we offer more testing and support inside the PCOS Answers Program and Hormones Answers Program
  • Those who need more support / one-on-one time with a dietitian to get your questions answered
  • Those outside the U.S. or in MD or RI

If you have any questions about if this package is appropriate for you, please email support@thehormonedietitian.com

DUTCH Complete

This is the test we recommend for most people to identify root causes of hormone issues.

Use code DUTCH2024 to save $100 through 4/5/24!

Just ONE spot left!

DUTCH Cycle Map

If you are struggling with PMDD, cyclical symptoms like migraines, or perimenopause symptoms, we recommend upgrading to the DUTCH Cycle Map + Complete, which in addition to all of the above, also includes tracking estrogen and progesterone over the course of your entire menstrual cycle.

Use code DUTCH2024 to save $100 through 4/5/24!

Just ONE spot left!

Only 3 spots available 1 spot left!

Packages expire 6 months after purchase, so please complete your test and mail it in in a timely manner.

Available in the U.S. only, may be required to sign a waiver in NY, NJ. Not available in MD or RI.

HSA / FSA accepted!

We offer these infrequently! If the links are visible/clickable, we currently have spots available. If no spots are available, join the waitlist for next time!

If you would like to get hormone testing done immediately in 2024:


Hormones Answers Program

Don’t want to wait? The DUTCH Test is also included along with gut and thyroid testing in our one-on-one program, the Hormones Answers Program. 

The Period Problems Root Cause Roadmap

Our signature hormone imbalance course, will be reopening in TBD. It’s a comprehensive 8-week course for women struggling with hormone imbalances and symptoms like painful, heavy periods, cyclical acne, bloating, fatigue, and mood swings, or hormone-driven conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, and PMDD.

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