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Infertility and Me

An Infertility Advocacy Episode

If you’re struggling to get pregnant, are you public with your journey? Infertility advocacy is not easy, and it puts your private life in the public eye. But my guest today decided that the pros far outweighed the cons of sharing her journey to becoming a mother. As a result, she built a strong infertility community of people who understand the struggles where she shares others’ stories and helpful resources.

Wife, mom, women’s health, and infertility advocate. Monique Farook has been an entrepreneur for more than ten years.  When she isn’t obsessing over home and work life, you can find her on Instagram creating content for her award winning podcast entitled “Infertility And Me.” She created the podcast after her own path to motherhood was disrupted by female-factor infertility. Through the podcast, Monique has been able to reach thousands of men and women from all over the world—passing the mic to other survivors to share their stories authentically. Monique’s podcast has been featured in Apple iTunes “New & Noteworthy” editor’s picks.

In this week’s episode, I’m talking to Monique about her own fertility journey, her work as a fertility advocate, and what it’s like being so public about infertility on social media.

This Week We Talk About: 

  • Monique’s journey to conceiving — her diagnoses and challenges finding supportive fertility care
  • What made her step away from fertility treatments for 4 years after a first failed IUI
  • All of the things she tried when she wasn’t working with a fertility clinic
  • Why we can’t ignore our mental and emotional health while trying to conceive
  • Why she made the decision not to pursue further fertility treatments for a second child
  • When and why she began sharing about infertility online and on her podcast
  • Why you should care about politics if you’re undergoing fertility treatments
  • Challenges of social media
  • Helpful resources for evidence-based fertility information and grants


Mentioned in this episode

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Where to find Monique at Infertility and Me Podcast:

Infertility and Me Podcast

Instagram: @infertilityandme

Additional resources mentioned in this episode:


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