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Making meal planning fun

A Nutrition Episode

You KNOW you feel better when you take the time and energy to plan out healthy, balanced meals and snacks… but for whatever reason, you’re just not making it happen regularly. Maybe you’re too hungry by the time you get home from work to come up with a healthy dinner game plan… or maybe your fridge and pantry aren’t stocked with the staples you need to be able to pull together a meal quickly. So you end up relying on takeout again. Or maybe you’re in a mealtime rut or you’re dealing with challenges like cooking for one (on one end of the spectrum)… or being a short-order cook for a family with different dietary needs. Ugh. No wonder you don’t want to cook! This week I’m talking to Elise Compston, of Compston Kitchen, about making meal planning fun!

Can you really put the fun in meal planning? Yes you can! We all eat! Why not make that process an enjoyable one?

We talk about the whole process, from planning, to shopping, cooking, and more, and you’ll walk away with TONS of actionable tips and ideas you can start incorporating now!

Elise is a nationally recognized registered dietitian, recipe developer, and content creator. She has developed recipes for a NY Times Bestselling author, nationwide food delivery service, and leading Los Angeles hospital. She founded and runs Compston Kitchen with her husband Stephen — who is also a dietitian. Together they create simple, affordable, plant-focused recipes with creative spins on classic dishes and tasty new favorites. And as the mom of 2 small children, she also puts a big priority on making food fun!

This Week We Talk About: 

  • Easy and realistic tips for getting started planning meals and snacks
  • Grocery shopping strategies so you always have the ingredients for quick and easy meals on hand
  • Why swearing off “processed” foods is costing you time and money
  • Finding the time and energy for cooking and saving time with one-pot meals
  • Specific ideas for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks
  • Why sauces should get a starring role in your kitchen
  • Tips for cooking for one without getting bored and for cooking for a family with different dietary needs without becoming a short-order cook



Mentioned in this episode

PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy Workshop – In this hour-long workshop, I break down what foods you want to include for PCOS and what you may want to consider avoiding or minimizing. Learn my simple 3-step formula for planning meals with PCOS, which includes learning how to eat to balance blood sugar.


Where to find Elise Compston, RDN:

Compston Kitchen Website: compstonkitchen.comtons of recipes here!

Instagram: @compstonkitchen

Download Elise’s One-Pot Wonders Recipe Guide – FREE with promo code hormone



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