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Managing Insulin Resistance & Healthy Pregnancies

A Patient-Focused Episode: Insulin resistance and Pregnancy

One of the main reasons I created a podcast was not only to share information from myself and other healthcare practitioners… but also to share stories of hope and inspiration from people just like you. In this episode, I’m talking to an incredible member of The Hormone Dietitian community, Jenn N., about her story, which is a story of insulin resistance and pregnancy.

Jenn is a 38-year-old working mom of 2 living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who has been diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. She has struggled with fertility issues while trying to figure out how to live her life with PCOS. Jenn has struggled with maintaining healthy pregnancies, gestational diabetes, and has had difficulties managing breastfeeding with extremely high insulin levels. But with a lot of research and a little help from myself and some understanding doctors, Jenn is finally at a much healthier place in her life. 

In this episode, Jenn shares her experiences with insulin-resistant PCOS and how she’s found solutions for her symptoms. 


This Week We Talk About: 

  • How insulin resistance manifested in Jenn’s daily life – her symptoms and struggles 
  • Why Jenn first reached out to Melissa 
  • What Jenn did to maintain healthy pregnancies
  • How she manages her insulin resistance now
  • The time-saving tips she has for busy mamas trying to do all the things


Mentioned in this episode

PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy Workshop – In this hour-long workshop, I break down what foods you want to include for PCOS and what you may want to consider avoiding or minimizing. Learn my simple 3 step formula for planning meals with PCOS.

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