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A Menstrual Cycle Tracking Episode

My clients come to me because they want to take control of their health and manage their symptoms. One of the most powerful ways my clients can do that is by getting to know our bodies’ own unique rhythms. And we can do that by by menstrual cycle tracking.

One of the most accurate ways to track our menstrual cycles is by using basal body temperature tracking. However, the process can be quite labor-intensive, demanding early morning tracking and super strict scheduling. It’s just not accessible to everyone, especially those without a regular sleep schedule. Fortunately, there are devices available to make it easier for everyone!

This week I am partnering with Tempdrop, a company that creates easy-to-use menstrual cycle tracking kits and speaking to a Tempdrop team member Melony Angus. Melony (Mel) is a certified fertility awareness educator and Tempdrop team member. Discovering fertility awareness and cycle tracking changed her life and she is passionate about helping other women find this knowledge as well. Mel is especially focused on the link of hormone health to overall wellness and how cycle tracking can be a door to understanding your overall well-being. 

In this episode, Melony and I will be going over the basics of cycle tracking, BBT tracking, and how you can use devices like Tempdrop at home to make cycle tracking easy! 


This Week We Talk About: 

  • What is menstrual cycle tracking and how it can benefit you 
  • How to track your cycle and what signs and symptoms you should look for 
  • How to use Tempdrop and who it’s right for
  • Some myths about cycle tracking and what you really need to know


Mentioned in this episode

Tempdrop Exclusive OfferI’m excited to partner with Tempdrop because not only do I recommend it to my clients, but I also use it myself! You can use your Tempdrop to track your cycle without the usual early morning wake-ups or super strict tracking schedules. Tempdrop helps you collect accurate basal body readings, identify your fertile window, confirm your ovulation, plan for your period, identify pregnancy, and more. 

Whether you’re trying to conceive, avoiding pregnancy, or charting for health reasons, your Tempdrop can help you do it all. You can get 15% off a Tempdrop kit using the code HormoneDietitianPodcast here!

(If that doesn’t work, use TheHormoneDietitian)

Where to find Melony Angus, Tempdrop Team Member: Learn more about Melony 

Thank you again to Tempdrop for sponsoring this week’s episode and offering a generous 15% off a Tempdrop kit for my listeners using the code HormoneDietitianPodcast


Read my blog post on cycle tracking here.

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