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Parasites and the moon

A Gut Health Episode

We’ve talked about gut health and the connection between gut health and hormone health on this podcast. Gut imbalances and dysfunction is a common root cause of hormone issues, because if the gut isn’t working right, your hormones won’t be either. But the gut doesn’t become imbalanced on its own. So in this episode, we’re digging into some of the root causes of gut issues, and one specific gut issues that’s more common than you might think: PARASITES. (Fair warning if you’re squeamish!) In this episode, we talk about how common parasites are, how we get parasites, how to know if we have them, how to get rid of them, and the surprising connection between parasites and the moon.

Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN, my friend and colleague, is an award winning integrative and functional dietitian specializing in digestive health, detoxification support, and inflammation to reverse imbalances in the body that cause symptoms. Robin has an undergraduate degree in nutrition from NYU and a Masters in nutrition from Columbia University. She has done extensive post-graduate training in Integrative and Functional Medicine and in her virtual practice at Nutrition By Robin and at The Morrison Center in New York City has come to realize just how common parasites are… and how to actually get rid of them.

We get deeeep in this episode and hold nothing back when talking about gut health, parasites, and the moon!

This Week We Talk About: 

  • Stealth infections and how they impact health
  • Long-COVID and post-COVID changes in the body
  • How the gut and gut microbiome are critical to health
  • Why we need to start at the bottom when we’re treating gut issues
  • Some “red flag” symptoms that may indicate gut issues, even if you don’t have overt digestive symptoms
  • How our guts get “jacked” in the first place – what we know and what we suspect
  • Why parasites are so hard to find through testing and hallmark signs to look for instead
  • Where we get parasites from in the first place
  • Common treatment approaches for parasites and why they have to be aligned with the moon cycles to be most effective
  • Foods and herbs you can add to your diet to support microbiome health and prevent dysbiosis


Mentioned in this episode

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Where to find Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN

Robin’s website: Nutritionbyrobin.com

Robin’s Instagram: @foroutan.nutrition


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