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Get your period back

At The Hormone Dietitian, we know that you want to be as in control of your hormones as you are in all the other aspects of your life. In order to do that, you need to identify the root causes of your PCOS symptoms.

The problem is there IS no one right diet or supplement regimen for all women with PCOS, and you don’t have the time to sort through all of the conflicting information yourself, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

We believe you shouldn’t have to follow restrictive diets or take medications to improve your PCOS symptoms and regain regular periods.

We understand that conventional medicine doesn’t always help, which is why we’ve helped hundreds of women balance their hormones with a more natural approach.

*We are only available to work with women located in the U.S. Melissa currently has a wait list for 1-on-1 clients.


“I worked with The Hormone Dietitian for four months and I am so grateful to have found a dietitian that is qualified and knows about women’s health. She is flexible in her recommendations, encouraging in her approach, and understands what it’s like to be a busy woman trying to eat healthier.”  – Sabrina

The Hormone Dietitian for PCOS

Here’s how we do it:


Receive a full nutrition assessment and functional lab testing


Follow your custom plan based on your results with daily support

Get your period back and gain control over your symptoms

You can stop following a restrictive diet and instead eat in a way that helps your symptoms.

Even if…

  • you don’t have time to cook every meal from scratch
  • you eat out often or travel for work
  • you hate counting calories or macros
  • you’ve tried it all before

So, if you’re struggling with symptoms like…

  • cravings
  • low energy (hello, 3 PM slump!)
  • irregular periods
  • too much hair where you don’t want it and not enough where you do
  • acne or dark spots

    I can help!

    In my proven 3-month program, women…

    • get their periods back without medications
    • feel less “snacky” and have fewer binges
    • gain control of hormonal symptoms like acne and hair loss
    • feel empowered to know what to eat no matter where they are

    To quote one of my clients when asked if she’d recommend my program to a friend: “F*** yes!!! I considered working with Melissa as an investment for my future… and I know it will pay off!”

    Another said “Second month in a row I’m ovulating on day 17… freakin’ amazing!”

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