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Learn about PCOS with me

 Many people are unable to work with me, whether due to budget, location, timing, or another reason…
and my wait list (and the wait) to become a one-on-one client is long.

Which is why I’ve created the following ways you can learn from me that don’t involve becoming a one-on-one client.

I encourage you to check out what I have to offer on this page!

With all of these, you can start right NOW!

ALL of these offers are open internationally.

PCOS Period Success


Free PCOS webinar

FREE! This is for those who want to learn more about The Hormone Dietitian’s methods to managing PCOS and take away 3 nutrition changes you can make NOW to get periods back!

PCOS Meal Prep
Made Easy

PCOS Meal Planning

If you’re struggling with where to start when eating for PCOS, this 1-hour training covers the basics of PCOS nutrition and planning balanced meals! Only $27!

The PCOS Root Cause Roadmap®

PCOS course

The Hormone Dietitian’s proven and proprietary 6-step method to managing PCOS by identifying and addressing YOUR root causes. Over 600 women have gotten results!

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