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Ep 12: Sam Abbott: Intuitive Eating for PCOS

A PCOS Weight Loss Episode

Many people with PCOS want to lose weight. And while it is absolutely your right to be comfortable in your own body, the misinformation about how losing weight with PCOS is the answer to all of your problems is rampant. Restrictive diets do more harm than good and research shows that weight cycling (aka, yo-yo dieting) is more harmful to health over the long run than never having gone on a diet at all. 

This week we’re diving into why you might want to reconsider pursuing intentional weight loss with PCOS and what to focus on instead. So I brought in my friend and colleague Sam Abbott, who specializes in just this area. 

Meet Sam Abbott, a registered dietitian nutritionist who helps those with PCOS ditch diets, improve insulin resistance, and balance hormones with intuitive eating and without feeling guilty or stressed about food. She is passionate about empowering people with PCOS to find peace and balance with nutrition, hormones, body, and life. Sam is also the creator of the PCOS Food Freedom Program – a complete program for improving hormone balance without a side of diet culture or weight stigma. 

In this episode, I sit down with Sam to talk about intuitive eating, health at every size, and why weight cycling is dangerous.

We talk about:

  • Why Sam is so passionate about working with people with PCOS
  • Why it’s important for nutrition practices to be accessible
  • Why and how Sam uses intuitive eating and gentle nutrition principles in her program 
  • Why dieting and weight cycling can be dangerous, especially for people with PCOS 
  • What Health At Every Size means to Sam and her practice



Mentioned in this episode

The PCOS Root Cause Roadmap Live Round – Struggling with PCOS symptoms and don’t know where to start, but don’t trust yourself to stay accountable doing a self-study course? I got you! Usually, the RCR is a DIY solo mission, but starting February 1st, I’ll be there to guide you through this journey with twice-weekly office hours for the first 4 weeks. Together we’ll be replacing failed diet plans, confusion, and overwhelm with proven nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement strategies that address the root causes of PCOS symptoms. See you there!


Where to find Sam Abbott, MSEd, RD, LDN

Website: https://pcosfoodfreedom.com 

Email: Sam@pcosfoodfreedom.com 

Instagram: @pcos.nutritionist


Download Sam’s PCOS FREE Food Freedom Workbook: https://pcosfoodfreedom.com/workbook/

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