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Self Care for Busy Women

A Self Care Episode

We know that self care is important, but adding self care to our never ending to do list can add more stress than it alleviates. And furthermore, the ideas about what self care looks like that are promoted on social media may not be accessible for all people. Luckily, taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to cost a lot (or any money) and it doesn’t have to take much time either – the important part is making it a consistent habit.

Valerie Agyeman is a Women’s Health Dietitian, Podcast Host and Founder of Flourish Heights, a women’s nutrition practice, digital platform, and community. Valerie empowers women to build confidence around their food choices while shining the light on overlooked topics around women’s health issues. In the past few years, she has brought hundreds of women together to inspire change, empower and educate, and build stronger, healthier communities. Valerie is a trusted expert in the media regularly appearing on media networks including ABC’s Good Morning Washington Show, and contributing expert quotes to publications like Women’s Health Magazine, The Thirty, and Shape.

This Week We Talk About: 

  • What self care is NOT and what it actually is
  • Why the image of self care that gets portrayed in the media and on social media is actually harmful and contributes to stress levels
  • Why self care has to be individualized for YOUR needs
  • Why basic physical, mental, and emotional health needs are a good place to start when thinking about building a self care practice
  • How to fit self care into pockets of your day
  • Why you shouldn’t just focus on stress management when you’re busy and stressed
  • Foods that support moods and energy
  • Why sometimes self care isn’t just about what you’re doing… it’s also about what you’re NOT doing


Mentioned in this episode

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Why and How to Track your Menstrual Cycles with PCOS —  it’s now more important than ever to learn how to identify your fertile window, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy. So I’ve decided to make this 38-minute video resource free to all.

Where to find Valerie Agyeman, RD

Valerie’s website: Flourish Heights

Valerie’s Instagram: @flourishheights

Bloom Summit DC, August 21, 2022: Get tickets



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