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Foods to avoid for PCOSA PCOS Nutrition Episode

People who are diagnosed with PCOS are often told they can improve their symptoms by changing their diet. Which is true! So they head to Google to learn more. And then they find a list of foods to avoid with PCOS. But there is so much misinformation and one-size-fits-all diet advice out there that by following these plans, you may end up doing more harm than good. 

This week, we’re tackling some of the most popular and persistent PCOS diet myths and figuring out what you should actually be eating (and avoiding) to alleviate your PCOS symptoms. I’ll also be doing a deep dive into some of the most common foods on “PCOS foods to avoid” lists, including gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, carbs, sugar, and more. 

In this episode, I talk about

  • Which foods do you do and don’t have to avoid
  • Which PCOS diet tips are fact and which are fiction, and what the evidence shows
  • How these foods on the “no” list actually react with your body and PCOS
  • How to eat the foods you want in a balanced way 



Soy Intake For Women With PCOS – Hurt Or Help?


Mentioned in this episode:

PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy Workshop – In this hour-long workshop, I break down what foods you want to include for PCOS and what you may want to consider avoiding or minimizing. Learn my simple 3 step formula for planning meals with PCOS.


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