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HormonallyYours_Episode 1

An Episode About PCOS

This episode is all about PCOS — what it is, what it does, and how it affects the rest of your body. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) was first identified in 1935, however, it has likely always existed in one way or another. Unfortunately, there is not yet a cure for PCOS but our goal is to manage our symptoms with nutrition and lifestyle changes until they are clinically undetectable. 

Isn’t that great!? Imagine a world where your symptoms are virtually non-existent!

In this episode, I talk about 

  • What symptoms a doctor looks for to diagnose you 
  • How PCOS can affect your daily life and what the long term risks are
  • Why nutrition (and lifestyle) matter when it comes to managing PCOS

Mentioned in this episode:

PCOS Meal Prep Made Easy Workshop – In this hour-long workshop, I break down what foods you want to include for PCOS and what you may want to consider avoiding or minimizing. Learn my simple 3 step formula for planning meals with PCOS.

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